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We are now taking orders for the 2016 fishing season.
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Maple Syrup -
We have a beautiful maple forest just outside of Duluth, Minnesota. Currently we have 5000 taps and continue to expand as the weather permits. Check out our Maple Syrup page to learn about the sap process which generally runs from mid-March to mid-April. It must freeze over night and thaw during the day to be optimal for drawing the sap out of the trees. Order your syrup online or give us a call.
Rogotzke Family
Matt, Leah, David, Katie, Anne Rogotzke
A colorful progression of maple syrup, 2009
A colorful progression of maple syrup, 2009
You are welcome to visit us to see the maple syrup process from start to finish. We give hour long tours during maple season which include learning to tap a maple tree, viewing how the sap flows through lines to converge into one tank, and turning sap into syrup in the Sugar Shack. Give us a call at 1-218-525-5474 to schedule your tour.

Our award winning 100% pure maple syrup took 1st place at the 2006 and 2009 Minnesota State Fair. We also won first place in 2003 and second place in 2005 and 2014. Our syrup is available in a variety of sizes, just check out our ordering page. We also have maple butter, which 100% pure maple syrup boiled, chilled, then churned into a creamy consistency. It is fantastic on toast, muffins, pancakes, or whatever you can think of.

The Spring 2016 Maple Syrup Season
2016 was our best season yet!
We produced 1300.5 gallons of syrup! Spring is preserved in fine glass bottles and is ready for pick up. Check our order page for details.

Wild Alaskan Salmon -

We have commercially fished salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, since 1982. We mainly fish for King and Sockeye salmon, which run from early June to the end of July.

Wild Alaska Salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska, come from one of the last pristine ecological habitats on earth. Consequently the absence of pollutants and toxins enable the salmon to be a rich source of nutrition, as nature intended. Wild Alaska Salmon provides vitamins and minerals, as well as being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. For more information, check out our Alaska Salmon page and place your order today.

Wild Pacific Cod is now available.

2009 Salmon Season
Dave and daughters Katie and Leah
with King salmon, 2009

2016 Fishing Season
It started off slowly but everything changed on July 10th. Just after wishing my daughter happy birthday in a phone call I heard my brother over the radio say, "jumping salmon" we set our 400 yards of net on an incoming school of salmon and within an hour we had 9,000 pounds! We finished the evening with an additional 3,000 pounds and then early the next morning we had a set for 12,000 pounds. So we had caught 24,000 pounds of salmon in 15 hours!
We ended our season just shy of 180,000 total pounds of salmon, making 2016 our best salmon season on record.

Pebble Mine Update
Pebble is suing the EPA and it most likely will end up before the Supreme Court. Just another reason why our Supreme Court justices are so important.


Recent Events -

July 24, 2016--A major storm with over 100 mile an hour winds moved through our area causing extensive damage to maples and a small pine plantation we had.

July 2016 The Bristol Bay run ended with over 50 million salmon showing up once again. God is bountiful.
Dave Rogotzke

Our maple syrup took first place at 2014's Minnesota State Fair! After an abundant '15 maple season, we have plenty of award-winning syrup to distribute so be sure get your tasty maple syrup.

Learn about the maple syruping process of Simple Gifts from a vidoe recorded in the 2009 season by a local news station. Click here to view the video.

During the 2009 maple syrup season we welcomed Slow Food Lake Superior, a group committed to the local, sustainably-produced food movement.


We are a member of Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association